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Refund Policy (Computerized Passenger Paper Ticket)

New Refund Policy

Subject: Refund of Unused Tickets Purchased in Advance.

In suppression to this office letter of even number dated: 28-08-2006 and part modification of rule 2.18 for PR Coaching Traffic No.4. The deduction rate on refund on tickets is revised as under:-

  • 90% refund is allowed upto 48 hours before departure of train.
  • 80% refund is allowed between 24 to 48 hours before departure of train.
  • 70% refund is allowed within 24 hours before departure of train.
  • Upto 50% refund in case the tickets are refund with in three hours after departure of train will take effect from 25-08-2011.
Muhammad Shafiq
For Chief Commercial Manager

Advertisement Date: 25-08-2011