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NATURE OF COMPLAINTS AND THEIR ESTIMATED TIME FOR RESOLUTION Nature of complaints Estimated time for Resolution
1 Complaints regarding
(a) Stoppage of train.
(b)Provision of new trains.
(c)Attachment of additional coaches.
02 weeks
2 Complaints regarding Enhancement of passenger reservation quota. 02 weeks
3 Complaints against overcharging on Tickets / Black marketing of Tickets. One weeks
4 Complaints against Cleanliness in the Coaches and at the Railways stations. 02 weeks
5 Complaints regarding Freight Issues (Goods & Passengers). 02 weeks
6 Complaints regarding Provision of Inquiry 117 at a particular station. 02 weeks
7 Complaints against Non attendance of telephone by officials of the Inquiry office (117). one weeks
8 Delay in arrival and departure of trains. one weeks
9 Complaints against vending stalls at Railway stations. one weeks
10 Complaints for provision of clean drinking water in the trains and at the Railways Stations. one weeks
11 Complaints regarding train lighting and Air conditioning facilities in the trains. one weeks
12 Complaints against quality of Food served in the trains. one weeks
13 Complaints regarding Repairing of Road Surfaces at level crossings. one month
14 Complaints regarding refund on Tickets (Online & Advance reservation). one week