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Pakistan Railways Academy


The Pakistan Railways Academy originally it was established as Training School at Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) in 1925 was shifted to the purpose-built campus named after Col C.E. Walton, the Agent (as the General Manager was then known) of the legendary North Western Railways. In no time, the Walton training School became the hub of the suburb of Lahore which came to acquire its name, WALTON.

As its fields transformed into lush green lawns and the saplings spread out their thickening branches, the Walton Training School took on the character and repute of its parent organization, the North Western Railway, which had come to symbolize the best traditions of service, innovation, development, and organizational excellence. The performance standards of this institution received international acclaim when, in 1954, its premises were selected by ECAFE, a United Nations agency to establish their Regional Railway Training Centre for Training Railway officers and senior supervisors of Asia and the Far East in Signalling and Advanced Railway Operations. Control of the Centre was transferred to the Government of Pakistan in January 1958. Renamed in July, 1982 as the Pakistan Inter-Regional Railway Training College, it was merged with the Research & Development Centre, the new-born Institute of Railway Management and the Walton Training School in May, 1983 in the latter's premises to establish the Directorate of Research and Training. The Directorate of Research and Training was re-named as the Pakistan Railways Academy in July, 2000.

Catering to the qualitatively and quantitatively growing training needs of the mother organization, the Academy conducts about 33 pre-service induction training, 35 Promotion and 24 refresher courses yearly for railway staff of all grades disciplines and departments. Officers inducted into various departments of the Pakistan Railways through the Federal Public Service Commission as Probationers also receive their initial training here. Officers of all grades attend management training courses held round the year.


The Academy is headed by a Director General, assisted by Joint Directors heading each of the Engineering disciplines, viz., Civil, Mechanical Engineering, Signalling Telecommunications, Electrical/Electronics and the Traffic (Operations and Commercial) Departments. Each Joint Director is assisted by an adequate number of Instructors, drawn mostly from the serving railway staff selected for their competence and ability to impart training.


To fulfill the training needs of the Pakistan Railways, viz., to impart quality in-house training to its officers and staff required to meet its objectives; to fulfill the training needs of the Afro-Asian member countries of the ESCAP region.
To inculcate in the officers and staff a spirit and high sense of public service and business ethics consonant with the ideals of public service as well as business venture organizational efficiency, cost-consciousness and responsible spending in the pursuit of the Organization's Mission.
To conduct research in all fields related to Railway operations and development which would further the accomplishment of the mother organization's Mission.


35 well equipped class rooms, including dedicated rooms for special subjects (such as telegraphy); Model rooms equipped with life-size and scale working models for hands on training; networked computer labs. A well-stocked and continually expanding lending and reference research library containing technical, professional, management, English and Urdu Literature, recreation and general titles, to meet the needs of the participants and to promote the reading habit, and a reading room subscribing to a wide selection of newspapers, periodicals and technical-professional journals.

Courses Conducted

1745 staff members participated in 121 courses (Recruitments, Promotion and Refresher) during the year under review, compared with 2023 participants ( July 2007 to June 2008 ) in 121 courses in the previous year. The annual PIRRTC course (07-01-2007 to 06-04-2007) was attended by Participants from eight countries, viz., Iran Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan. 1753 participants from 45 countries have benefited from this course since 1954

Training Techniques

Training methods, techniques and equipment continue to be upgraded to the latest standards. Trainees are taken on extensive study tours over the PR network to acquire practical knowledge.

Plans to Improve the Academy

  • Establishment of Research and Development Cell at Pakistan Railways Academy, Walton.
  • Up-gradation of infrastructure.
  • Up-gradation of Library.
  • Affiliation with regulatory bodies such as TEVTA & H.E.C. for recognition of courses and awarding certificates and diplomas.
  • Training of Trainers.
  • Establishment faculty of material management.
  • Generation of Local Financial Resources.
  • Allocation of Independent Budget for the Academy.
  • Maintenance of P.R. Academy Colony and Electrical Installations under independent staff.
  • Up-gradation of Medical facilities.