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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Excess fare ticket issued by the ticket checking staff will be more expensive than the ticket issued from the booking window. The passengers are requested to buy tickets from booking windows/Reservation Offices.
  2. Tickets are not transferable if a passenger commences journey on a ticket against which reservation for another person has been made and is found traveling. As such he will be considered as traveling without a proper ticket and will be dealt with under Section 113 of the Railway Act.
  3. Before leaving the Reservation Counter, please ensure that Train No. Date of Journey/Berth/Seat No. and Name of passenger is recorded on the ticket.
  4. All passengers are requested not to accept any eatable from any unknown/unauthorized person.
Berths/Seats can be reserved from Railway Reservation Offices, PRACS Reservation Offices and on line E-ticketing.
Seats/Berths can be got reserved maximum up to 30 days in advance.
From Reservation Offices on a telephone, on personal visit or from Conductor Guard or from your account dashboard ofbefore departure of train.
Computerized reservation facilities are provided at online E-ticketing and all main Railway reservation offices including return journey ticket.
By contacting Conductor Guard subject to availability of accommodation.
By visiting Reservation Office or contacting Conductor Guard before train departure.
  • One Chicken Roast (1/4 of Full Chicken) one Roghni Nan, Fresh Fries/Tomato Ketchup (200g).
  • Two Vegetable Cutlets, Fresh Salad, Fresh Fruit (one Banana, one Orange,/Kinno)Rs.220.00
  • Note: The menu indicated on Page-ii shall be available in the Dining Cars of all Mail and Express the trains.
Pulao or Two Roghni Nans and Chicken Curry/Mutton Curry plus Daal or Vegetable for Dinner with Fresh Salad in small plastic tray covered with aluminium foil. Rs.100.00 Roghni Nan Rs. 8.00 Rice of good quality Rs. 30.00
Guard Incharge of the train are in possession of First Aid Boxes. However, serious cases may be referred to Railway Hospitals at big stations.
There are no waiting room charges. However, the type of waiting room that can be used depends upon the class of ticket.
Yes. But Car Parking fee is charged.
At big stations, retiring rooms are available on payment and can be used by bonafide passengers.
Yes. But subject to availability.
Station Manager/Station Master Incharge, Divisional Commercial Officer, Concerned Division on telephone number given in Railway Time Table.
Incharge Guard may be contacted and the complaint may be registered in the Complaint Book provided to him or the matter may be brought into the notice of Incharge Divisional Commercial Officer.
You may contact Station Manager Incharge or the Conductor Guard or the Divisional Commercial Officer concerned.
Printed Complaint Book is available with all Station Masters / Guards.
Catering facilities are available on the following trains:
1UP/2Dn Khyber Mail, 7UP/8Dn Tezgam, 13UP/14Dn Awam Express, 17UP/18Dn Millat Express, 23UP/24Dn Quetta Express, 45UP/46Dn Pakistan Express, 41UP/42Dn Karakoram Express, 101UP/102Dn Subuk Raftar, 103UP/104Dn Subuk Kharam, 105UP/106Dn Rawal Express, 107UP/108Dn Islamabad Express, 109UP/110Dn Margala Express, 111UP/112Dn Badar Express, 113UP/114Dn Ghauri Express
Facilities like waiting room, Refreshment room, vending stall, book stall, drinking water, police help Centre and medical first aid are provided at all important stations.
By contacting Conductor Guard or bearers.
Yes, wheel chair facility is available on all main Railway stations. To avail wheel chair facility, you need to contact related Station Master office/Railway Police helpline(1333).
At stations, facilities like fast food, restaurants, and vending stalls are provided.
In case of any such complaint Conductor Guard / Incharge Guard or Station Master can be contacted.
  • Choice of two eggs (Omelets/Fried) Two slices bread branded company. Butter (Nurpur Pak Brand) in approved Company (sachet) + Jam. One cup of tea (Tea Bags + Sachet Packs of Sugar and Milk in approved company packing.Rs. 100.00.
  • Or
  • Choice of two eggs (Omelets/Fried) Two Slices of Bread branded company one cup ot Tea (mixed) milk, Anhar, Olpers, Haleeb, milkpack Rs. 80.00.
  • Vegetable Mixed vegetable or Mixed Daal (250 g) Two Roghni Nans, Fresh Salad and Fresh Fruit. Or Mixed Vegetable or Mixed Daal with Brown Rice Fresh Salad and Fresh Fruit (quarter plate).
  • Or
  • Mixed vegetable or mixed Daal with brown rice, fresh salad and fresh fruit.
  • Note: The above food will be served in approved plastic/Cardboard containers on steel tray.Rs.120.00.
  • When demanded by the passenger. Chicken Masala (1/4 of full chicken) Or Chicken Roast on demand. Two Roghni Nan or plate of Brown Rice, Fresh Salad and Fresh.
  • Note: The above food will be served in approved plastic/Cardboard containers on steel tray. 170/-.
  • Two cups Tea with Milk and Sugar. Two Biscuits. Rs.50/-
  • One cup coffee with Milk and Sugar. Rs.50/-
  • One cup of tea without Biscuts.Rs.25/-
  • Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite (International) Bottle, Juice. Rs.25/-
All Divisional Commercial Officers, concerned Station Masters, or Police Help Centre.
The following articles will not be booked as luggage:
  1. Offensive articles such as wet skins, hides, etc. other than skins of wild animals, securely packed in air tight boxes at owner's risk.
  2. Explosives, dangerous and inflammable articles.
  3. Bulky articles of any description which on account of their bulk would be chargeable on measurement if accepted as parcels.
  4. Oil, Grease, Ghee, Paint, etc. if carried in package which might be in contact, break or leak, or damage other articles.
  • Articles of trade such as carpets, bales of cloth, boxes/cartons of cigarettes, medicines, or any other articles of commercial value which is intended to be sold during the journey or at destination.
  • In addition to the above, free allowance on the following articles will also not be admissible:
    (1) Refrigerators (2) Deep Freezers (3) Washing Machines (4) Desert Coolers (5) Pedestal fans whether packed or unpacked (6) X-Ray Machines (7) E.C.G. Machines (8) Medical equipment (9) Science equipment (10) Electric Sewing Machines (11) Lifting machines (12) Water Geezers (13) Generator of all types (14) Transformers of all types.
The following free allowance for each ticket is given at the starting stations on the total weight of the luggage carried by the passenger in the compartment:
  • Air-Conditioned (Sleeper) Class : 50 Kilograms
  • Air-Conditioned Sitter : 20 Kilograms
  • First Class Sleeper : 20 Kilograms
  • Air-Conditioned Lower : 20 Kilograms
  • Economy Class : 20 Kilograms
  • Second Class : 20 Kilograms
Rs. 5/- will be deducted when ticket is refunded on which no reservation has been made.
They are provided 25% concession in rail fares for all classes.
Licensed Porters, attend all express trains and passenger trains at principal stations for the purpose of carrying passenger luggage. These men are not railway employees but are licensed by the railway for the convenience of passengers and must be paid the following authorized charges :
  1. For carrying an ordinary load 40 (forty) kilograms from the station entrance to a train and vice versa from one part of the station to another including loading unloading the same into and from railway carriage at the rate of Rs. 30.00 per porter per trip and at Lahore Karachi and Multan Rs. 40.00 per trip.
  2. Complaint against licensed porters should be made immediately to the Station Master on duty, the number of badges being worn by the porters be noted for identification.
No break journey is allowed after 240 KMs with in 24 hours.
Holders of single journey tickets for more than 240 kilometres actual distance are allowed to break journey at one or more stations whose distance apart are in excess of 240 kilometres at the rate of one day for every 240 kilometres or part thereof, in addition to time occupied by the journey. The first break of journey may not, however, be made until a distance of more than 240 kilometres has been travelled from the starting station.
NOTE: The above facility is not allowed to passengers who have their accommodation reserved from starting station to destination station by the specific train.
Yes subject to availability of accommodation.
Yes. On payment of extra charges if accommodation is available.
Death Rs. 2 lac (Rs. 200,000/-) Grievous injuries upto Rs. 100,000/-
  • Refund for late running by more than 6 hours for untravelled portion.
  • Transport to nearest station.
  • Food facilities.
  • Alternate train arrangement.
  • Transport of luggage in case of accident.
Name of Category
Blind Persons
Blind Students
Local Students
Foreign Students
Scouts Girls Guides
Sports Athletes
Mentally Orthopedically handicapped Athletes
Members of Chartered Institute of Transport Pakistan Centre
Senior Citizens
Percentage of Concession Allowed
25% and 50%