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Mr. Mazhar Ali Shah

Secretary / Chairman Railways

Pakistan Railways

Mr. Mazhar Ali Shah has more than 27 years’ experience in public and private sectors. Before joining civil service of Pakistan in 1998, he served in private sector in different capacities.
His major expertise is in the areas of strategic planning, development of national transport frameworks, operation management, project management, disaster management, research, communication, training and development.
He has served at national and provincial levels both on staff and field positions and carry varied experience of working in a diverse cultural environment across Pakistan.
While having first degree in engineering in 1994, Mr. Shah completed his MBA with major in Finance (Gold Medallist) from Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar (2003) and MSc. in Management from King’s College University of London in 2005.
He has been one of the top performers in all senior management training programs (MCMC, SMC and NMC) offered by National School of Public Policy (NSPP) for civil servants.

Popular Destinations

  • Upto 1400 Rs From Lahore
  • Upto 1550 Rs From Rawalpindi
  • Upto 1000 Rs From Multan
  • Upto 800 Rs From Quetta
  • Upto 1400 Rs From Karachi
  • Upto 500 Rs From Rawalpindi
  • Upto 500 Rs From Multan
  • Upto 1050 Rs From Quetta
  • Upto 1550 Rs From Karachi
  • Upto 500 Rs From Lahore
  • Upto 600 Rs From Multan
  • Upto 1850 Rs From Quetta
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